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Welcome to Wellness

Hi! I am Louise Carter, a registered dietician, nutrition coach and wellness entrepreneur. I am a wife to an incredible man, a mom to two amazing girls and two cute pups! My life has been centred around health and wellness.. I remember as a child, seeing my parents being very active and our meals at home were always nutritious and delicious. I try to show my girls the same lifestyle and implement the 80/20 rule in our home when it comes to food – we are human after all! I run a lot, I enjoy being outside and family time fills my heart with the most joy.


Having been in practice for 10 years, I know that each individual is different and there is no one “blanket approach” to lifestyle changes. What is suitable for one person may be inappropriate for the next. Receive a personalised plan to suit you as an individual, your needs and your preferences.


Tailored for You

With a special interest in Gut Health, Weight Management and Sports Nutrition, I would love to walk your health journey with you.

***Wellness: "...a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." - The World Health Organization*** Being physically well, in my opinion, includes eating well and moving or exercis... Being confined to our homes and the uncertainty of what’s happening beyond our walls causes a lot of anxiety and stress. Stress causes a great deal of adrenalin and cortisol surges which, can lead to a big change in the gut micobiome and start to wre... Ingredients: • 2 plain pizza bases (I buy cooked ones from the pizza place down the road - they have tomato on and are ready to go!) • 6 tbsp tomato paste (if your bases dont already have tomato on them) • 400g mixed red and yellow tomatoes,...