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Welcome to Wellness

Hi! I am Louise Carter, a registered dietician, nutrition coach and wellness entrepreneur. I am a wife to an incredible man, a mom to two amazing girls and two cute pups! My life has been centred around health and wellness.. I remember as a child, seeing my parents being very active and our meals at home were always nutritious and delicious. I try to show my girls the same lifestyle and implement the 80/20 rule in our home when it comes to food – we are human after all! I run a lot, I enjoy being outside and family time fills my heart with the most joy.


Having been in practice for 10 years, I know that each individual is different and there is no one “blanket approach” to lifestyle changes. What is suitable for one person may be inappropriate for the next. Receive a personalised plan to suit you as an individual, your needs and your preferences.


Tailored for You

With a special interest in Gut Health, Weight Management and Sports Nutrition, I would love to walk your health journey with you.

March 2020 has brought a large amount of uncertainty and anxiety to us all… we are surrounded by constant and confusing information, truthful or not, we are sanitizing everything we can get our (already sanitized) hands on and are confined to our hom... Meet Cally… My name is Cally Frost, a registered dietitian with a love sport, health, being outdoors, and most importantly, a love for food! Following my undergraduate degree at UCT, I pursued a BMedSci Honours in Dietetics. I believe that preven... Something delish, healthy and fun for the kids to make while we are house-bound. Also a great addition to the lunchbox. * PREP: 10 MINS • COOK: 20 MINS • SERVES: 12 Ingredients: • 300g self-raising flour • 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda • 50...